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    Nyerere Rd, Jet Lumo Rd, Buza near Lake Oil Petro Station
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.
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C&K Fumigation Services Ltd intends to process Application, Exposure and Dissipation of a Toxic Chemical

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Accreditations & Awards

Proud to share some of our achivements

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Certified to deal with fumigation and other pest control activities.

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Was awarded a tender for fumigation works to National Televisionfor the budget period of 2004/2005

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Appreciated in Provision of fumigation services in 2004

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Satisfied and outstanding on Provision of Fumigation Service.

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Satisfied and outstanding on Provision of Fumigation Service.

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Satisfied and outstanding on Provision of Fumigation Service.

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Satisfied and outstanding on Provision of Fumigation Service.


Know Before You Start

  • What are Tasks of C&K Fumigation Services Ltd

    Based on our Experience and Expertise in Fumigation and Pest Control Industry since 2002, C&K Fumigation Services Ltd had a Competitive Advantages over her Rivals in the Industry in Corporate and Residential aspects as follows, C&K Fumigation Services Ltd, including other aspects not mentioned Hereunder, in mostly cases, it operates under the following categories:-

    * General Insects and Pest Control

    * Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Warehouses and Residential Fumigation

    * Marine Disinfestations & Foging Mosquito Control

    * Heat Treatment services for Pallets, Boxes, Spools , Crates and more

    * Rodent & Rats Control

    * Termite Control Treatment

    * Foundation Sterillization

    * Tobacco Warehouse Fumigation

    * Herbal Treatment for Cockroaches

    * Honey - Comb Removal

    * Timber Treatments

    * Food Processing Machinery Fumigation

    * Agricultural Products Fumigation/ Garden Pests Controls

    * Anti - Fungal Treatment for Pallets used in Export Packaging Material

    *Ship Holds Fumigation/ Air crafts services.

    *Lashing Cargo in Ship

  • What are Working Tools owned by the Company

    Modern Fixed Assets/ Apparatus/ Instruments owned by the company for the Smooth, Economic, Convenient etc, among others not mentioned Here under,includes :-

    1. Protecting Instruments

    * Safety Boots

    * Aprons

    * Respirators Mask

    * Hat/ Head Covering

    * Plastic Goggles/ Eyes Protectors

    * Overalls

    * Weighing Scale (Haning)

    * Gloves

    * Earplug

    2. Terpaulins Sheets 20x20 m

    3. Sand Snakes

    4. Methly Bromide Gas (CH Br)

    5. Gas Detector - (Portasens II)

    6. Dragger Gas Detector-(Accuro)

    7. Gas Detector - Phosfuma (phosphine monitor)

    8. Digital Multi Stem Thermometer

    9. Drills Mashine

    10. Hand Pump (Manual)

    * Hudson Type

    * GLORIA Type

    * Farinate Type

    11. Motorized Machines

    * STIHL Type

    12. Fogging Mashine

    13. Electric Ulv Sprayer & Fogger

    14. Motor Vehicles 3

  • Will The Price Always Be The Same?

    the price is negotiable and may vary according to location, area and type of service, just contact us to order our service.

  • What is your competence on the field

    Managerial Department, it comprises of so Highly Competent Professionals into the field from whom they’ll obliged to plan, Organize, Staffing, Directing, Controlling and Motivating all Staffs of the Organization and Setting the Short term, Medium term and Long term Strategic Plan of the Organization.

    Technical Department, among others not mentioned obligations, they’ll supposed to work Hard with Extreme Energy to make sure that the Dreams of the Organization are Realized with maximum Efficiency and productivity.

  • The Outcomes after the Fumigation Services

    Because fumigants are wide spectrum pesticides, space fumigation, done properly, will kill all species and life stages of insects and rodents that are likely to be found in the structure being fumigated. Soil fumigation will kill soil microorganisms, nematodes, and many weed seeds and seedings. Fumigants, being gases, penetrate into bulding’s nooks and crannies, including the galleries of insects that infest interior wood that cannot be reached by pesticide sprays and dusts. Pests are rapidly killed and the fumigant gas does leave unsightly, odorous, or hazardous residues if the site is properly aetated after fumigation.

    C&K Fumigation Services Ltd is expecting to scientifically practising Fumigation exercise which:-

    Are usually quick - acting which can result in total eradication of the pest

    Are gases, which they diffuse through all parts of the structure or commodity being treated and can reach pests that couldn’t be reached with conventional pest-control materials or techniques. For certain commodities, Fumigation is the only practical way to control pests.